Friday, October 16, 2009

Paragent, LLC. Announces Hosted Model Open Source IT Management

Muncie, Indiana, United States

Paragent, LLC, a high quality software company specializing in open source IT desktop management software has announced the availability of its hosted model open source IT management software.

Paragent, LLC offers one of the most highly regarded open source web-based desktop management service available today. This software as a service product (SaaS) is perfect for almost any size organization in managing hardware and software inventory, software license auditing, alerting and remote control processes.

Paragent’s hosted model open source IT management software is quite easy to implement due to the use of a small agent running on each monitored computer. This agent keeps track of and reports on a variety of functions, data and commands.

It should be noted that Paragent’s agent-based solution provides its customers with a truly flexible, scalable and secure experience. In fact, by being a hosted model, Paragent can offer and provide a truly robust and flexible suite of IT management tools.

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