Thursday, February 19, 2009

Open source not innovative enough for Fast Company

It's surprising that there isn't even a general mention about open source software or related vendors

Fast Company recently published a list of the "world's most innovative companies." Funny enough, the No. 1 company is really not a company; it's Team Obama. Bygones.

IT vendors like Google (No. 2), Apple (No. 4), Cisco (No. 5), Intel (No. 6), Amazon (No. 9), HP (No. 12), IBM (No. 19), and Microsoft (No. 34) are in the top 50. However, there isn't one open source vendor listed. The closest OSS vendor is Sun, which made the 2008 list and hence is included in the "33 companies from last year's Fast Company 50 that didn't make the list this time but deserve watching."

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