Monday, September 8, 2008

How to setup an intranet with free open source software

Even the smallest business or organization can benefit from an intranet. Information, documents, communication and more can be centralized in one web-based environment- accessible from anywhere, by anyone within the organization. While this used to be a complicated process involving hardware and proprietary software, it’s much easier these days with the use of a variety of free open source software.

While the structuring and extensiveness of an intranet depends on your specific situation and organization, there are some basic tools and applications that act as a core in any intranet. Primarily, communication and groupware are the main staples- this can include things like central calendaring, internal forums, group-based document depositories, project-management environments, and more.

Through the use of freely available open source software, you can basically piece together an intranet based on your needs. Most aspects of an intranet can be found through the use of one open source script or another. For example, if you’re organization employs several “work-at-home” employees, you can install a forum script, a project-management script, and a document depository, which would give all your employees web-based access to an internal forum that allows on-going group-discussions, as well as a separate project management dashboard for things like collectively writing documents, contributing to research, etc.

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