Sunday, August 10, 2008

Microsoft creates open-source lab in RP

MANILA, Philippines -- Microsoft is now preaching interoperability, announcing it will open its first open-source lab in Asia Pacific in the country.

The lab will be located at the National Computer Center (NCC) headquarters in Diliman, Quezon City. It will be stocked with hardware and software and will serve as a test and evaluation facility for open source developers who want to make their applications interoperable on the Microsoft platform.

D3 Systems, a local firm that develops mobile applications running on Java (an open source programming language), will be the first to use facility, Microsoft announced in a briefing Thursday.

"There is always a great potential in the Philippines in terms of the skills of developers here," said Ken Wye Saw, Microsoft's vice president for sales and marketing in Asia Pacific, when asked why the software firm decided to create an open source lab in the country.

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