Monday, July 7, 2008

Microsoft Equipt vs open source and free software

The computer users of the world have been getting more interested in open source and free software for some time now and Microsoft’s new Equipt subscription service is aimed at defending the Office franchise.

As we reported the other day, the pricing model for Equipt will be $69.99 per year and you get a lot of software for the money that can be accessed by up to three computers.

Circuit City have got the exclusive rights to Equipt beginning mid-July and it’s hoped by Microsoft that the convenience of Equipt will stop some Office users moving towards the open source or free software route.

There is a lot of competition for Microsoft and that’s why this new service was needed to keep them in the game, as IBM is offering Lotus Symphony free and also other brands have similar free Office software packages.

The sales results for Office products have shown a downward pattern and the last quarter saw Office products among consumers drop 39%.

Will you use the new Equipt subscription service or do you have another favorite?

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