Thursday, June 26, 2008

Symbian Foundation: The Open Source War Is On

As the support and demand for open source increased, the competition got tougher. With the Android practically knocking at out door, Nokia wants to make an entrance on the market and turn Symbian into an open source platform.

For the time being, Symbian is not an open source software. Instead, phone manufacturers are given parts of its source code.

The new announcement was made on Tuesday, when Nokia revealed its plan to buy the rest of the Symbian shares that it does not already own.

Together with partners such as Motorola, NTT DoCoMo, LG Electronics, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, AT&T, Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics and Vodafone, Nokia is planning on turning the Symbian into an Android or Linux rival.

The goal of the Symbian Foundation is to make the Symbian OS “the most used platform in the world”, as they announced in the press conference.

Symbian owns over 65 percent of the smart mobile device market at the moment, and Nokia’s plans should put some pressure on the competition.

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