Thursday, May 8, 2008

IBM Commits to Open Source

IBM gives a support to utilize open standards based tools. IBM is also challenging people in Indonesia to unleash their natural talents to utilize open source technology and become master thinkers who can innovate solutions and solving the problems that people face today.

According to Suryo Suwignjo, President Director, IBM Indonesia, organisations are looking for innovative software applications while the corporations of the future are looking for developers with tools and skills of tomorrow. "We want to raise the bar for the future of open source technology," said Suwignjo.

Currently, IBM closely partnered with the local government and academia to create an enabling environment by allowing free access to IBM software, course materials, training and curriculum development, helping Indonesia become an innovators's nation by investing in skills development and technology enablement. Such efforts will empower future workers with the right skills to be able to compete in the larger global workforce.

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