Wednesday, April 9, 2008

How to Mitigate the Risks Associated with Open Source Code

The use of open source code is on the rise. It provides developers flexibility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We have seen, though, that the acquiring companies that are buying assets are not paying close attention to the risks involved. These risks include buying software assets that may include open source code, but may contain limitations on the right to sell or license the software.

In the last decade, use of open source software has risen from the basement of the weekend code warrior to the high-rise of enterprise development strategist. This surge in corporate popularity can be attributed to the cost-effectiveness, efficiency and reliability of open source code. Yet, use of open source code presents risks--especially for a company acquiring technology assets that include open source code.

Does that mean that the risks outweigh the benefits? Probably not. A few years ago, most companies took a conservative approach, attempting to avoid open source code at all costs. Today, that approach is outdated. The market has since developed means of mitigating the risks associated with using open source code.

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